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Various products of Plastics Additives, providing product images and basic parameters with each Plastics Additives and Plastic Antioxidant Additive; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Plastics Additives, and look forward to your cooperation!

Plastics Additives

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  • UV-1130


    CAS: 104810-48-2+104810-47-1+25322-68-3 It is a liquid benzotriazole UV light absorber. Miscible with most common solvents and easily incorporated into waterborne system. Suited for wood, general industrial and automotive coatings.
  • UV-1577


    CAS:148315-50-2 It has fine anti-oxidized, and good synergistic effect when being used with auxiliary antioxidant, specially used for polyurethane, could be added before, in the middle of, after polymerization. It has good usability and anti-pyrogenic effect. To improve the high temperature stability when be used in lubricating oil. Solutions for windows, siding and fences (P...
  • FB 368(KSN)

    FB 368(KSN)

    CAS:5242-49-9 KSN chemical structure is similar to OB-1,but has much better whitening effects than OB-1 on polyester fibres and plastics,its compatibility with plastics is better than OB-1 too,highly whitening effects is available with only small dosage,KSN has a good resistance to high temperature as well as excellent resistance to light and weather.Applied to whiten polyester,p...
  • FB 378(FP)

    FB 378(FP)

    CAS:40470-68-6(164908-53-6) FP has very good whitening effect on various kinds of plastics and their products,especially on the products of plastics such as PVC and PS.It has extra ideal whitening and brightening effects on artificial leathers. No yellowing and discoloring will occur on the products whitening by this whitening agent even if they are stored for a long time.Whiteni...
  • BP-12(UV-531...


    CAS: 1843-05-6 It is widely used in PE, PVC, PP, PS, PC, PMMA, and so on. And the dry type phenolic and alkyd varnish, polyurethane category, acrylic, epoxy and other products and automotive air-drying refurbishment paint, powder coating, polyurethane, rubber and other products to provide them good-stabilizing effect.
  • FB 393(OB-1)

    FB 393(OB-1)

    CAS:1533-45-5 OB-1 is especially suitable for shaping various kinds of plastics and their products under high temperature. It has an extra ideal whitening effect on polyester-cotton blend fabric.It can be used for whitening polyester melt.This whitening agent is similar to Whitex SNK,Uvitex ERT and Eastobrite OB-1.
  • HS-962(783)


    CAS: 70624-18-9+65447-77-0 It can be used for polyolefins, loefin copolymers such as EVA as well as blends of polypropylene with elastomers.
  • FB 135(PF)

    FB 135(PF)

    CAS:1041-00-5+12224-12-3 PF is suitable for whitening polyester fiber,polyamide fiber and acetate fiber,or synthetic fiber -cotton,-wool or -silk blend fabric. Light-colored or printed fabric treated with PF looks brighter and more pleasant to eye. It is suitable for and having excellent whitening and brightening effect on almost all of the existing plastics and their products.
  • BP-1(UV-0)


    CAS: 131-56-6 It is mainly used for plastic, etc., as light stabilizer, effective protection of plexiglass and fabrics, also for other UV-absorbers of the intermediates.
  • FB 184(OB)

    FB 184(OB)

    CAS:7128-64-5 OB can be used for whitening thermoplastic,plastics,PVC,PS,PE,PP,ABS,Acetate fiber,paint,coating,printing ink,etc..It can be added at any stge in prodess for process for shitening the polymers and can give the finished products a bright bluish white glaze.
  • FB 185(EBF)

    FB 185(EBF)

    CAS:12224-41-8 EBF is a whitening agent(Optical Brightener) with blue white shade commonly used for polyester,acetate triacetate fibers Jinglun,polyvinyl chloride fibers and their blends in all stages of process both at home and abroad due to its fastness.The product can also ued for whitening plastics,coatings etc.
  • BP-3(UV-9)


    CAS: 131-57-7 It is widely used in sunscreen cream, cream, honey, lotion, sunscreen cosmetics oil, it also can be used by the change in color of photosensitivity and anti-tarnishing of products, and because it compatibility with a number of plastics, PVC and unsaturated polyester also protection
  • FB 199(KB/ER...

    FB 199(KB/ER)

    CAS:13001-40-6 ER in the form of refined powder is very suitable for whitening and brightening polyester fiber and has good whitening effect on plastics such as PE,PP and PVC and their process of shaping with polyester chips or recovered polyester chiaps.In addition,the refined powder is widely used in coating industry.
  • FB 367(KCB)

    FB 367(KCB)

    CAS:5089-22-5 KCB can be used for whitening and brightening plastic films,injection-molded materials,EVA foamed plastics and rubber products,and whitening coatings and lacquer. It is similar to the products such as Hostalux KCB and Hoechst T1258 made in foreign country.
  • UV-326 CAS N...

    UV-326 CAS NO.3896-11-5

    Product Name: UV-326 Other Name: Tinuvin 326 Chemical Name: 2-(3-tert-Butyl-2-hydroxy-5-methylphenyl)-5-chloro-2H-benzotriazole CAS: 3896-11-5 Molecular weight: 315.80 Molecular formula: C17H18ClN3O Chemical structure: Application: As a light stabilizer, this product can effectively absorb ultraviolet light of wavelength between 270 to 380n...
  • Antioxidant ...

    Antioxidant 1081

    CAS: 90-66-4 It can be used as the antioxidant of rubber and polymer, mainly used in PE, PP, butyronitrile rubber, butyl rubber and natural rubber.
  • Antioxidant ...

    Antioxidant 412S

    CAS: 29598-76-3 It is mainly used in PP, PE, ABS etc., especially suitable in polyolefin products which easily suffer from water soaking or need to be used under the strict climate condition. And it had high application value in polymer fibre.
  • Antioxidant ...

    Antioxidant 1010

    CAS: 6683-19-8 It is special useful for polypropylene. It can be applied in polyethylene, polyamide, polyester, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, ABS resin as well as in the different products of rubber and petroleum.
  • Antioxidant ...

    Antioxidant 1222

    CAS: 976-56-7 It can effectively prevent polyester fibre from degradation and aging in the production and processing.
  • Antioxidant ...

    Antioxidant 1098

    CAS: 23128-74-7 It is a kind of keeping color , non-pollution, heating-resisting, leach-resisting, high performance antioxidant. It mainly used for polyamide,polyolefine ,polystyrene,ABS resin, acetals resin, polyurethane and rubbers, also can be combined with phosphorus auxiliary antioxidant to improve the anti- oxidized performance.

Plastics Additives

Plastic additives are the compounds which must be added to improve its processing performance or improve resin performance when molding. Thus, plastic additives play the particularly important position in the plastic molding process.
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